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Helping your Child Heal from Abuse


Download & View the full brochure: Helping Your Child Heal

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What Happens Now


Download and View the full brochure: What Happens Now

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When Images Hurt


Download and View the full brochure: When Images Hurt

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Darkness to Light's: Parent Guide to Selecting Youth Serving Organizations


View and download the Darkness to Light : "Step up and Speak Out" informational leaflet on safe practices for selecting youth serving organizations.

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ChildVictimWeb is a multimedia, online training resource designed for professionals from all disciplines who work with children and adolescents who have experienced or witnessed serious violence. This course describes:

  • The prevalence and characteristics of different forms of victimization often experienced in childhood;
  • The psychological, behavioral, social, and health consequences, and implications for practice;
  • Assessment strategies, evidence-based approach to treatment planning, trauma-informed case management skills, and information about evidence-supported treatments.


The Childrens Bureau, Child Welfare Information Gateway, has many services and resources for online training and support. Please see a few of their useful tools below, and click the green links to be directed to the website.

The Children's Bureau, Child Welfare Capacity Building Collaborative: 
Provides a Toolkit to support child welfare agencies in serving LGBTQ children, youth & families.
You can download and view this toolkit below.


Toolkit to Support Child Welfare Agencies in Serving LGBTQ Children, Youth, and Families. (25 Pages)

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New Child Welfare Information Gateway Podcast Series which provides info for busy child welfare and social work professionals.

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

The National Center for Traumatic Stress Network

Offers an Educators toolkit for helping students who have been traumatized.
You can view this helpful video below, or for more information & resources on training opportunities or tool kits for educators please visit

Darkness to Light

Darkness to Light is a non-profit committed to empowering adults to prevent child sexual abuse. They offer many useful resources such as:
  • Nationally available training that can help you learn how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.
  • Prevent Now program: assists and supports communities in creating sustainable child sexual abuse prevention inititives that increase awareness, education, and prevention, and advocacy. 
  • A Mobile App: Stewards of Children prevention toolkit:  the first of its kind mobile app that will equip adults with the skills and resources necessary to recognize, prevent, and respond to child sexual abuse. This toolkit app is available on AppStore and Google Play
  • Information on community initiatives
  • How to guides on talking with your kids about body safety and books on sexual abuse prevention
  • Educational videos
  • National and State wide resources

Click the green link below the Darkness to Light logo or copy the link below to visit the Darkness to Light website at: 

Educational Website Resources


Behavioral and Physical Signs of Possible Sexual Abuse To Learn more Please visit:

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Myths about Child Sexual Abuse "Social acceptance of myths silences victims and encourages public denial about the true nature of this silent epidemic. Accurate information is key when confronting and preventing child abuse". To learn more Please visit:

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Helping Young Children Exposed to Trauma

In the brief video below IMPACT report authors: Jason Lang, Kellie Randall, and Alysse Loomis discuss the effects of trauma in young children and how Connecticut is working to address early childhood trauma at a systems level. 
Find out more by visiting: The Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut

When Bruising in Children is Indicative of Abuse

When Bruising in Children is Indicative of Abuse.

Online Safety Advice for Children

Online Safety advice from Dr. Linda "Safer internet day"

Know the Statistics on Abuse

Know the statistics on child abuse

Talking to Kids about Abuse

Talking with Children about abuse

Join the Conversation/Stop the Stigma

Join the conversation and stop the stigma or myths by changing the conversation on abuse

Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

Darkness to Light: documentary featuring survivors of Child sexual abuse.

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