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Last year, nearly 7,000 children were seen by Child Advocacy Centers in Washington State; 87% of those children were impacted by sexual or physical abuse and 67% of those children were under the age of twelve.

Child Advocacy Centers (CAC’s) are healing places to reduce the trauma for young victims of violence and sexual abuse. CAC’s offer a one-stop caring, protective environment where children feel safe to tell their stories – just once- to physicians, police, counselors, and expert professionals who care, who can help stop their abuse, and begin their process of healing and bring justice. CAC’s bring this multidisciplinary team together to create a child-focused approach to child abuse cases. Guiding a family from crisis to hope, and helping them navigate the complex criminal justice and child welfare system is an important outcome that CAC’s provide.

Contact Your Local Legislators!

Contact Your Legislature

Tell your local legislators why you think Children's Advocacy Centers are so important in helping abused children find hope and healing. Let them know that CAC's are a part of a unique community response that addresses the causes of child abuse, prevention, and provides a path to restoration.

CACWA receives state and federal funds to support CACs throughout Washington. Your voice matters!

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Children's Advocacy Centers of Washington - Protecting Children & Reducing Trauma

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Use the hashtag #pinwheelsforprevention and #CACWA when you post photos of your events on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Wear Blue Day, April 6th
On April 6th wear your favorite blue jeans, blue hoodies, blue everything. One person can make a difference, and it can start with you.  Please join us and share your photos (#WearBlueDay #CACWA).

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Attend an event one of our amazing centers is hosting or become a volunteer. Actively engage in fundraisers and charity drives for a Childrens Advocacy Center in your area! Contact a center near you to learn more about how you can help end child abuse and neglect in your community

Become a Board Member

Share your resources, talents and professional expertise with Children's Advocacy Centers of Washington as a Board Member. Promote the Child Advocacy Centers, encourage and support its Executive Director and staff, and work in concert with other board members. Click here to be directed to our Board Member application