About Children's Advocacy Centers of Washington

The Children’s Advocacy Centers of Washington (CACWA):
  •  Is the state-wide organization that supports Child Advocacy Centers (CAC's) within Washington through funding, training, technical assistance, and development of new CAC’s.

  • CACWA is accredited through the National Children’s Alliance to assure the highest standard of care is provided to victims. Just like CACs, the Chapter participates in a re-accreditation process every five years.

A Chapter of National Children’s Alliance is a recognized entity that:

   •    Represents a collaborative effort among membership, staff and its governing entity

   •    Provides support services to emerging and existing children’s advocacy centers (CACs) and multidisciplinary teams (MDTs)

   •    Assists with the development, continuation, and enhancement of the CAC model throughout the state

   •    Facilitates a collaborative statewide network dedicated to a coordinated and comprehensive response to child abuse

   •    Serves as a leading resource within the state in regard to child abuse issues and the children’s advocacy center model

The following five standards must be met in order for a State Chapter to be accredited with the National Children’s Alliance:


Organizational Capacity:  The Chapter operates as a membership organization, has established and maintains a designated legal entity responsible for organizational, programmatic and fiscal operations, and employs sound administrative and financial practices. (13 Essential Components)


 Membership:  The Chapter has defined membership categories, eligibility criteria, organizational authority and a process for application and renewal of membership status. Membership categories and eligibility requirements are congruent with and inclusive of NCA membership categories and recognize and reflect the evolving levels of development among children’s advocacy centers and multidisciplinary teams. The Chapter facilitates ongoing networking opportunities among its membership statewide. (6 Essential Components)


Growth and Development: The Chapter conducts an annual assessment of served, under-served and un-served areas within its state boundaries, including but not limited to NCA Gap Analysis, and addresses the ongoing establishment and sustainability of children’s advocacy centers equipped to provide the full array of evidence-based CAC services for children and families throughout the entire state. (4 Essential Components)


Training and Technical Assistance: The Chapter identifies and addresses the evolving training and technical assistance needs of existing and emerging children’s advocacy centers throughout the state. (4 Essential Components)


Awareness and Education: The Chapter serves as a leading resource throughout the state by supporting efforts to (1) Increase awareness about child abuse and the children’s advocacy center model; and (2) Reform systems to ensure improved opportunities and outcomes for child abuse victims.  (5 Essential Components)
In addition, a Chapter must demonstrate compliance with all related Essential Components for each of the five Accreditation Standards. These Essential Components along with other relevant guidelines and information can be found in the NCA Chapter Standards and Related Guidelines PDF here.

Chapter services we offer:

CACWA offers the following services to existing Children’s Advocacy Centers and communities wishing to establish Children’s Advocacy Centers:

  • Training and technical assistance
  • Mentoring by experienced CAC staff in nearby communities
  • Site visits to existing CACs
  • Technical assistance manuals and materials
  • Information on research and best practices
  • Information regarding funding sources for start-up, training, and operations
  • Advocacy on legislative issues and policies affecting children and families
  • Community outreach and awareness,coordination with statewide, regional, and national advocacy groups
  • Assists centers and teams with NCA accreditation, facilitates collection, compilation and dissemination of data
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CACWA 2018 Annual Report

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